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Good Photography Is Crucial For Successful Advertising and Marketing

Successful advertising and marketing campaigns are, for the most part, visual. The most compelling elements of a product's attraction are its physical appearance and the packaging that it comes in. Its physical attributes are the first things a potential customer sees and that which prompts him to take a second look.

The human brain and psyche are wired to seek visual acceptance prior to continuing on to any further interest. Whether it's a consumable product or a potential date, people have to subconsciously like what they see before they'll pay any more attention to it. In the world of advertising and marketing, photography is the catalyst that develops consumer interest. Photography is also a great way to generate traffic to one's website and get people to bring others to see your amazing photographs.

A good photograph is one that captures the imagination. It inspires the viewer to imagine him or herself wearing that shirt, using that digital printer, or driving that car. The photo is the connection between the eye and the desire. Ideally, it strokes the emotions of the viewer and creates a bond between the viewer and the product.

In order to make that pivotal connection, the successful photographer needs to look inward. He needs to decide what it is about the subject that seduces his own heart and brain. He should pick out the elements of the subject that successfully affects that seduction and focus on those elements. Recognizing and exploiting the facets that would inspire himself to want to own that product are the keys to making the subject attractive to the consumer.

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If the subject has features that define the product for what it is, it is necessary that the photo illustrates those features succinctly and clearly. If it is the details of the workmanship or the texture that make the product special, then a close-up image of the item is important in successfully conveying the message.

To exact the maximum visual appreciation of the subject, there are several elements that need to be considered; lighting, depth, angle, background, and foreground. Those are the most crucial elements of an effective marketing or advertising photograph. Additional effects may be applied, but it is rare, in marketing, to apply any effects too artsy that may risk distraction from the product.

Proper lighting is an extremely important element in any kind of photography, but it absolutely imperative in marketing. It's essential that the lighting illustrates the product so that the viewer gets a clear image of what is important about the item. In a photo of a toy dollhouse, for example, all the details of the outside and inside should be well lit.

Depth, or what is clear and what is blurry with respect to the portion of the subject that is closest to the viewer's eye, may be something that requires consideration. If it's more relevant to draw attention to the nearest part of the subject, then the furthest part should be blurry. The nearest portion should be very clear. The brain will normally focus on the front and dismiss the blurry part as insignificant.

In determining the best angle to show the product, it is important again to decide what will excite or attract the viewer. Automobile advertisements are perfect examples of how to exploit that facet for a successful marketing photo. You will rarely see a photo of a car from a head-on angle. They will always be from an angle that shows the front and one entire side of the vehicle. Usually, the left, or driver side of the vehicle is shown. That's the side that the driver, or owner, will be most familiar with and the side that will attract him or her in their assessment.

The background behind the product may be blurry or clear depending on the environment where the product is illustrated. In the toy dollhouse example, the background may be irrelevant to the product. Anything behind the dollhouse could attract attention away from the dollhouse. In a car commercial, it might be advantageous to include a background. The background may suggest a destination that the vehicle could take them to. That would enhance the attraction of the vehicle, emphasizing its ability to provide even more enjoyment for the consumer.

The foreground may also play a part in attracting the viewer's attention. In the toy dollhouse example, it might be advantageous to include a toy car or some figurines in front of the dollhouse. Those extras will help to round out the scenario of the dollhouse environment and give it a more realistic look. It would provide more opportunities for the child to use her imagination, thereby creating more interest for the parent. Purchasing a toy with more opportunity for creative flow is infinitely more attractive than a one-dimensional toy.

The perfect marketing and advertising photo will be different for different products. Knowing how to utilize all the variables is the key.


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