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Competitive Edges in Online Marketing Strategies

Running advertisement in newspapers and magazines is not enough for having a flourishing business these days. Even a television commercial is not enough to incline potential customers this way. The blame for this lays on Internet which has trebly altered the life scenario of individuals. It has become the most used form of communication, media, marketing or advertising as people can have both audio and video vision of the product being offered.

Online marketing has therefore emerged as the new technique form which can be espoused by companies, businessmen, merchants and other professionals to disclose their services. Not only end-products, but people can procure raw material, all kinds of services, solutions to their problems and almost all sorts of things which they could think off. Online links and advertisements can bring in much larger proportion of traffic thereby increasing the entire scope of potential customers to buyers. Individuals can even geo-target their approach to reach out to nearby neighbors more effectually. Easy shopping solutions are also provided to consumers due to presence of shopping carts and comparative price analysis services.

Facebook has more than 700 status updates per second, which pales in comparison to the 32,000 Google searches per second. The number of potential users available to see a given marketing message is in the billions. So, marketers found Online marketing as a great way to boost up their business scenario. Somewhat however, there are still numerous merchants who are not familiar with the technique of advertising their products online. They still employ traditional or offline modes of advertising which is why they are not able to operate on their optimum capacity level. Print media such as magazines, newspapers and other alike stuffs are employed by them. To make them clear, there are blogs, reviews, articles, emails, online messages and other more services which they can utilize for promoting their products.

Podcasts, tele-seminars, blog radio and Web conferences are resourceful services which merchants can exploit for giving a prestigious description to their products. These are advanced ways which can be looked upon so as to advertize a product globally. In addition to this, online podcasts can also be released by big proprietors that contain full information about their products. Such units must also be made downloadable so that even iPod users can attain its benefit. With this regimen, even the busiest section of the population can be targeted so that enormous gains are achieved within a short span of time.

Web based videos and commercials are another ways which completely swap use of television. Webinars and You Tube are great examples of such applications which even allow customers to give their personal comments and thoughts over various online products. There are online video submission sites as well where latest videos from all sections of individuals are submitted. This provides an extensive exposure to people and products which are being offered by them. They can even share customized photographs and videos of a product which they have liked. This could bring in great profits to merchants who are dealing for their products through Internet.

Social networking sites are another innovation in online history which has speeded up the pace of online marketing. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, B2C are some of the coolest sites which are not only used for forming links but are also exploited for advertising of products and services. Merchants can even chat with their potential buyers through these sites and can even finalize a lucrative deal with ease. This will save a lot of time to them as well as help them in targeting more number of individuals. Network based meetings and online business groups can further be joined by businessmen so that they can get updated information regarding online business market.

Online marketing provides businessmen with the possibility to reach out to millions of consumers. This is an easy way out to sell their products without much investment done from their part. Such merchants can get themselves registered under the online directories and forums so that potential customers can call them with ease. It can be done with only fraction of cost involved in comparison to offline media tools. With so many Internet users available in today’s world, this is a fervent way which can be espoused by both small and large merchants to have a competitive advantage over their competitors through research, intelligence, and execution.


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