Luke Galea
Vice President of Research and Development Biography
Vice President of Research and Development

Luke joined Avid in 2009 and has taken on roles of increased responsibility as the company has quickly grown. Luke’s current responsibilities include overall software architecture of our various business offerings and technology platforms, ongoing evaluation of evolving new technology and services, as well as exploratory development and research into initiatives to provide new product features.

Luke brings over 13 years of software engineering and management experience, including extensive international experience in the healthcare IT industry. In his early career, he worked as the Lead for Application and Database Services for the University Health Network/Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, and from 2007-2009 he worked as a the Lead Senior Software Engineer for Medical Decision Logic, responsible for supporting major clinical research projects for world-renowned organizations such as Johns Hopkins University and Washington University.

A PMI Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Luke is the author of several popular open source web development tools. He was an early adopter of the Ruby on Rails web development framework and is actively exploring new web technologies including Node.js.


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